Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today when I woke, things were different. The first thing I set my eyes upon was not the tangled web of clutter that my bedroom had been yesterday. It was clean. It even appeared rather spacious, as spacious as a cupboard-sized room could look. I woke early, at 6am. Being too early to get up and eat, I picked up 'Northanger Abbey', finishing it within two and a half hours. It was an entertaining novel, not captivating or moving, but managed to keep me interested from front cover to back. Now I face the difficult task of securing another book to keep me entertained in my (extremely rare) spare time.

Today was positive.
I mentioned yesterday that it had been quite a good day. Well today was even better. I once again tackled my biology EEI, as well as my school captain speech. Both have reached a stage where I am quite content with them. Of course content never got anyone an A+, or the position of school captain, so of course they need more work. Content, however, is still a good start.

After a productive morning, I felt I deserved a reward, and, seeing as I had sacrificed op-shopping with my girls on Saturday in order to study, I went shopping. There's nothing like a good shopping trip to destory one's self esteem, once they discover that nothing this season looks any good on them. And to stare hopelessly into the mirrors and noticing the four kilograms you've been trying to forget you put on.
I did however, manage to purchase a new dress and skirt, plus a couple of singlets to go with the latter. They are not what I was expecting to buy, but look nice.

I would write more but i must get off and eat my pasta before it gets cold.

Just another everyday fairytale,
Erin x


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